March 24: Senate Hearing

House Commerce Committee
Hearing on SB1146


Hearing Room HHR5. 1700 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ 85007

Where to Meet:

We will be meeting at the JB's on the SE Corner of Lindsay and Main at 7:30am.

How To Get There:

Bus and Carpool or meet at the Capitol
Click here for directions.

More Info:

Please call 480-299-7236

March 24 8:30 am - 10:30am

ATTENTION ALL FOXES!!! (Red or not) who are in our hen houses; this puts you on notice that we are tired of your invasions regardless of your twisted reasoning. You have taken our property rights, insulted and demeaned, as well as threatened us.

Didn’t your sly FOXY MOMMA ever tell you not to mess with speckled birds!? You have been responsible for deaths of some of our flock. NO MORE, NO MORE…

Get out of our hen houses, our coups! Get off our property and find someone else upon whom to perpetrate your “fowl” deeds! We are going to peck you to death. This is no threat. THIS IS A SPECKLED BIRD PROMISE.

Come on you speckled birds! It is time to let the world know what these sly and not so sly foxes have been doing while no one has been watching. Join in, tell us your stories. Lets unite and peck them out of our houses and coups.

- Marge - First Hen of the Speckled Bird Society (The Hen House Report)