Lobbyist Information

Moms and Pops of America has been recognized by Arizona state legislature as a stakeholder of small business and consumers whose sentiments might not otherwise be voiced during the legislative process.

Currently our lobbyist is working on passing or influencing the following legislation:

SB1146 Park Models Rights When Selling (Click here for more information)

HB2473 Manufactured Homes Forced Escrow (Click here for more information)


Kara Holt, the President of Active Resort Properties Management Group, is the registered lobbyist for the Moms and Pops of America.

Ms. Holt wrote and brought forth the amending language to the Long Term Space Rental Act (1999), Title 19 Chapter Article I ARS 33-2102 and Article III ARS 33-2132.

Kara Holts BLOG may be read by following this link: www.karakholt.blogspot.com